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Welcome your new homeowners with the proper education that they need for association living by sending them our beautiful Welcome Packet and informative DVD.  Managers be sure to check out our Manager Tools page for helpful information.

"Association Living: Understanding Your Association©"

teaches owners the benefits and responsibilities of living in a covenant protected community.  Our 15 minute DVD is informative yet interesting.  You will actually enjoy watching it!


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do homeowners need to be educated on HOA living?

Often time’s homeowners do not read their CCR’s or association documents. They may not understand all the rules and regulations of living in a community association. Homeowners can get frustrated by being warned or fined for not complying with the rules. If they understand the rules and understand why they are in place they are more likely to be compliant as well as involved in the community.

As a community management company, how can we profit from supplying our homeowners your DVD?

As a community manager you probably understand the frustration of dealing with un-educated homeowners and more than likely get numerous phone calls with questions, concerns or complaints about the associations that you manage. Imagine a life where the phone rang less often with upset homeowners about being fined or warned about rules and regulations that are not being followed. Imagine having to write less violation letters explaining the basic rules of the association. Lastly, imagine your homeowners more involved and understanding as to why the rules and regulations are set forth. By educating your homeowners you are giving them the knowledge to appreciate and respect the work that you do allowing them to be more satisfied with your management company.

Our DVD, “Association Living: Understanding Your Association©”, also discusses the role of the community manager as well as the role of the board of directors. It educates the homeowners on when they should contact their community manager or builder/developer.

What are the benefits of the DVD?

How many times have you heard, “I don’t understand why I have to follow these rules after all, I own the home”? Homeowners generally lack the knowledge of why there are homeowners associations and why they are governed the way that are. Our DVD, “Association Living: Understand Your Association©”, will educate homeowners on the advantages of association living, basic standards such as getting written approval for building or changing something to the outside of their home, association fees and they are essential in the functioning of the association and much more! Our DVD also encourages homeowners to get involved in their association. The benefits are endless, not only will you have more satisfied homeowners but they will understand the community in which they live as well as be more inclined to get involved!

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