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Welcome your new homeowners with the proper education that they need for association living by sending them our beautiful Welcome Packet and informative DVD.  Managers be sure to check out our Manager Tools page for helpful information.

"Association Living: Understanding Your Association©"

teaches owners the benefits and responsibilities of living in a covenant protected community.  Our 15 minute DVD is informative yet interesting.  You will actually enjoy watching it!


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I customize the information on the DVD?

Unfortunately we cannot customize the information on the DVD for your association. However, you can customize the look of the DVD. For a small set-up fee of $50 we can customize the cover label on the DVD to have your logo and contact information. This will ensure that the new homeowner’s know exactly how to get a hold of you. This set-up fee is a one time only fee to design the label and will be saved on file for future orders. If you are interested in customizing your order please e-mail before placing your order.

I seen the short video clip, but can I preview the DVD before I purchase it?

When you go to the movie theater they always show you previews of new and upcoming movies but you can’t watch the full movie. This works in the same way, we offer a preview of what you can expect but you cannot view the DVD until it has been purchased.

What is your return policy?

We will only accept returns if the product is damaged or defective. If this is the case, you have 3 days after receiving the DVD to notify Complete HOA Resource of any damages. We would be happy to give you a new DVD in this situation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding a return.

I just placed an order last night but I want to edit my order, can I do this?

Of course! However we ask that if you want to edit or cancel an order you must notify us WITHIN 24 hours. We believe in excellent customer service, which includes efficiency! We try to turn over orders within a 24 hour time period so letting us know as soon as possible is key in this situation so that we can ensure to change your order before it is shipped out!

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