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Welcome your new homeowners with the proper education that they need for association living by sending them our beautiful Welcome Packet and informative DVD.  Managers be sure to check out our Manager Tools page for helpful information.

"Association Living: Understanding Your Association©"

teaches owners the benefits and responsibilities of living in a covenant protected community.  Our 15 minute DVD is informative yet interesting.  You will actually enjoy watching it!


HOA Directors

As a member of the Board of Directors, you know that a large number of issues you deal with everyday comes from a lack of understanding and knowledge about associations.  Your job becomes more and more difficult when homeowners lack knowledge of the rules and regulations of your association.  Being on the Board of Directors is very rewarding, but it can be challenging as well.  It is hard as a volunteer to provide mandated services.  No one wants to tell their neighbor they have to mow their lawn!

As a HOA director, our DVD specifies the roles for you and the many others involved in association living.  It also encourages homeowners to get involved, especially at board meetings where their input can greatly affect the neighborhood.  By clearly defining advantages and regulations, homeowners know they need permission to alter their home, and they know they have rules to abide by, which makes your job a lot easier!

Our DVD gives homeowners easier access to their HOA documents.  You can customize the DVD to include them as an additional reference or as a replacement option for the user manual provided at closing.  ďAssociation Living: Understanding Your Association©" encourages homeowners to get involved making your job more enjoyable and allows you to focus on creating community spirit in a great neighborhood.