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Welcome your new homeowners with the proper education that they need for association living by sending them our beautiful Welcome Packet and informative DVD.  Managers be sure to check out our Manager Tools page for helpful information.

"Association Living: Understanding Your Association©"

teaches owners the benefits and responsibilities of living in a covenant protected community.  Our 15 minute DVD is informative yet interesting.  You will actually enjoy watching it!


Builders & Developers

Being an association developer/builder can be highly rewarding.  After all, you are building a community that is going to thrive and continue to grow into a great neighborhood.  However, many homeowners do not properly understand what they are getting themselves into when they purchase property in an Association.  Most of the issues you may face begin with lack of knowledge and understanding about Common Interest Communities.

When association problems take place homeowners often times blame their builder.  It is estimated that more than 90% of homeowners do not read their HOA documents that are provided at closing.  “Association Living: Understanding Your Association©” provides a simple outline of association living.  It allows homeowners to watch a lively and interactive DVD instead of reading through a large manual filled with complicated language that they may not understand.  As a result, you spend less time on problems that should be directed elsewhere.

Along with knowledge, homeowners will have easier access to the information provided in their association documents when they purchase a home in your community by reading through our Welcome Packet.  You have the option to customize the packet and DVD to include them as an additional reference or as a replacement option which will take the pressure off of the sales and customer service representatives who usually have to explain association procedures.  You also have the option to brand the DVD by adding your company name and contact information as a means of recognition for your positive role in developing the community.

“Association Living: Understanding Your Association©” is an extensive selling tool for helping potential homeowners understand what they are buying when they purchase property in a Common Interest Community.  Homeowners will receive informative orientation increasing buyer satisfaction and lessening the problems for the many involved in the association.

Don’t forget to have a copy playing in your model home!